Ben Wah Balls
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Ben Wah Balls

Looking for Ben Wah Balls?  Ben Wah Balls is a word that has come to be associated with a few different things today.

Ben Wah Balls the Kegel Exerciser
The most commonly known Ben Wah Balls are two small little metal balls used as a kegel exerciser and vaginal stimulator.  These are Ben Wa Balls, but commonly spelled Ben Wah Balls, Benwah balls, or Benwa Balls.  A women puts the two balls into her vagina and holds the weighted balls in place to exercise her vagina muscles.  As she moves the balls also move casuing stimulation.

Ben Wah Balls the Hand Exerciser
Commonly confused as Ben Wah Balls, ancient chinese balls used to exercise the hands are correctly called Baoding Balls.  These balls are much larger and usually contain musical chimes inside.  As you rotate the balls in your hand, it helps build strength, dexterity, and keeps the hands health from diseases such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ben Wah Balls the Song
Ben Wah Balls is also the name of a song by Blink 182.  In their song, they changed the spelling from Ben Wa Balls to Ben Wah Balls. 

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